I’m currently offering readings from my new home in Stanbridge East Qc. by phone or by Zoom.

I have been giving readings for almost 15 years now.


Messages last 55 minutes. In response to the questions asked to my Guides, I read, in collaboration with them, the energy and it’s many possibilities in the present moment.


We don’t make predictions for the future.

 I present you an excerpt of my book Loving the Light Within


When I receive a person for channeling, I enter a state of prayer. I give thanks for the opportunity that I have been given to serve humanity. I am always guided by an intention of service. I create a bubble of protection around myself by imagining sea salt thrown in the four directions – in front of me and behind me, to my left and to my right. I call upon benevolentLight Beings thanking them for their presence. I send others who might appear back to their worlds telling them they are not welcome. This is a necessary precaution, not a necessity, because dark beings do not appear in a place where the trance has been ritualized or with a person whose energy bodies are whole.


The light absorbs me completely: It takes me, it holds me and it keeps me from fleeing. I visualize myself in nature. Through breathing, I calm my mind, I slow my thoughts, I let go of them almost completely, I descend into my body, my energetic frequency rises. My subtle body expands and begins to join the subtle body of my client. The presence of my Guides becomes almost tangible. They have lowered their vibratory frequency and they meet me at the level I try to raise myself to. They call out to me in this energetic location. I thank them for being in contact with me and for accepting to help the person who is consulting me. An emotional state, impressions, physical sensations arise and become more precise all during the meeting. Sometimes words move in. Distinct images with bright colors and nuances appear. Even though they are static at first, they will be in constant movement all the time I’m describing them. Each detail, each color, each movement reveals its secret drop by drop. I watch the images dancing behind my closed eyelids. I let them be. They begin to talk.


The light absorbs me completely: It takes me, it holds me and it keeps me from fleeing. I extend myself toward the other person, my state of consciousness enlarges, the right hemisphere of my brain “lights up.”


Transmitting: Putting a Helpful Message into the Trance


A message begins to take shape. I let myself drift into a first thought or a first image. I abandon myself to a different energy. I’m never afraid. I experience an ever-changing trance. It deepens, lightens, deepens again depending on the resistance or the acceptance of the other person, and depending on my ability at the moment to resist all distraction. I remain present, receptive and almost asleep, but conscious just the same. If the message no longer conforms to my values I would intervene and say no to this or that. My values, being clearly identified, ensure my “centering.” For example, I don’t make any predictions. I don’t announce anyone’s death or I never say to leave a partner or cut ties with a friend or relative, unless it’s just for a short time. The deep, conscious trance has the advantage of protecting the free will of the person-in-trance. I use “we” to mean that my Guides and I speak in mutual agreement. If the person who is consulting me is open, I feel received, welcomed.


Otherwise I don’t abandon the person to her resistance but I stay respectfully at the threshold of her doorway accepting that she may not open. I knock, I begin to chat through the closed door. Being less fearful, the person opens the door a crack or sometimes completely, or halfway.


I descend into my heart. I visualize it in the process of opening. Drunvalo Melchizedek in the book Living in the Heart, affirms that you need only turn the inner eye toward the physical heart and watch it in order to be in your energetic heart. I know this experience well. Love is a state of vibration. I have learned to create it in myself at will.


Love for the person in front of me, for my work, for the Light. Love inhabits me and my Guides follow its vibration. They play the instrument that I become for a moment. I try to play this music with Them as best I can by bringing in all possible subtleties in reaching my client. The person feels something very comforting, very real, beyond the words, through the words. A number of people cry all through the message without knowing why. A page of their current life is being read. It contains a spiritual and human evolving, but it is one possible evolving, only one possible evolving.


The subtle link between the present and a potentiality in the future is being illuminated. The channeling facilitates the ordering of solutions already known but misunderstood by the client. For example, a woman wants to know if she will have children. The energy is scanned, the body appears in its subtle form, her aura reveals areas that are dark or fully illuminated. The body can create a child – everything is there, all is in order. Perhaps there are even souls who are standing right beside the soul of the person who is asking the question. Everything is there. But, the next morning, this woman can get up and decide to never have children. The message does not present a promise, a prediction or an obligation. The free will of the person coming for a consultation is still in place. Simply put, she was able to be informed about the possibility of having a child and about the non-medical path (the reading of the subtle energy does not replace official fertility tests) that she can follow to achieve that goal.


In other words, a channeling, or reading of the subtle energy, is a meditation open to Love that brings the client back to her own intuition, to her creativity and to her intimate divinity. Channeling is a ministry of love and the heart is its sanctuary.