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Caroline Coulombe, author of Loving the Light Within, Channeling Teacher and Psychic Medium

I am French Canadian and live in Montreal, Quebec. My world has been bilingual since I married an American 35 years ago. I have two daughters that I raised in French and English. Having just written my first book in French, it seemed only natural to have it translated into English.


I have been a therapist for 35 years and have practiced massage and other forms of bodywork at the beginning of my career as a health practitionner. Then I became a psychotherapist and after the completion of a Masters degree in Sexology, I offered sex-therapy to couples and individuals for 10 years.


I stopped being a therapist in the spring of 2015. Then again, does one ever stop ? My experience as a therapist is engrained in my work as a channel. I give private readings, in French and in English, and teach the art of channeling with as much dedication and ethics as I brought to my therapy practice.

What Channeling is for Me

Channeling is not a technique. It’s an art.


Mastering it means to be present to all dimensions of life, physical, emotionnal, psychological, mental, intuitive and spiritual, from a very focused state of awareness.


It’s to be open to sacredness and at the same time remaining very grounded.


It’s an experience of the unity of everything.



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